JFK vs. Oswald

It’s almost 50 years to the day since President John F. Kennedy was killed… assassinated.. apparently by a lone nutcase.. Lee Harvey Oswald. Those of us that were around back then, surely remember exactly what they were doing that day when they heard it.. much the same way that most of us who were around when the twin towers were hit remember the moment they realized what happened. 

Yeah, I said REALIZED what had happened, because no one really realized the enormity of what happened with the twin towers being hit, until the 2nd plane hit. Until that point - it was about 17 or 18 minutes between hits, there was a lot of confusion. Most of us had no idea of the damage, let alone the fact that it was a terrorist hit - until the 2nd plane came into the equation. 

Which is not to equate the 2 incidents, but maybe give us some understanding of how people must have felt back then.

The President - really the first President that the masses really felt they knew, he was the first TV President, blessed with good looks and charisma he was a natural leader for a nation whose lives centered around the television set in their homes. Imagine the President on live TV, being gunned own for all to see, in all it’s gory detail. We know nothing of what happened, just rumours really. The nation finds out he’s dead shortly after. They capture his killer, a man who had the skills of a professional assassin, yet gets caught like a demented 12 year old hiding in a theatre. The killer gets brought in, rumours abound. Surrounded by a dozen law enforcement agents - the man who killed the most powerful man in the world - he gets killed by the local owner of a strip bar, who somehow was able to do this in a room full of law enforcement officers surrounding the most sought after killer in the world, in history. He pulls out a gun and kills him right there.

And stories come out about who was who, what hapened, what didn’t happen, lies, truths, rumours, un-truths.

50 years.

Lone nut assassin? JFK as good a man, a President as we’ve been led to believe? Russian spy? Whoremonger? Conspiracy?

We’ll never know.

Big Brother 15 racist crap?

There’s been a whole lot of controversy over the latest season (it’s 15th) of Big Brother. Not only has there been an extraordinary amount of bullying (a recent “push button” topic for many, but an incredible amount of outright (and blatant) racism caught on camera and on display for everyone to see.

It’d be amazing to think that this has been a freakish and isolated incident caught by camera and completely overblown„, it isn’t. Sadly, it’s happened again and again and again in the Big Brother House, 2 houseguests in particular - pageant coordinator GinaMarie and student/model Aaryn have been particularly vile in this regard, apparently ignorant of the fact that cameras are recording their every move and words spoken (and both have had repercussions in their lives outside the house unbeknownst to them, both having been let go by their respective employers as a result of their actions  and “words” inside the BB house).

Guess what, not everyone is as nice as they seem when behind closed doors. People who you like and are close to - may be completely different behind closed doors. As someone with a family member of another race, you’d be shocked at how often I’ve heard complete nonsense from people who I thought were close about things, who didn’t know of my personal situation. More people than you think have ignorance as a LARGE part of their lives, even if it’s not always worn on their faces.

Some people have criticized CBS for allowing this nonsense to go on in their show without addressing it and kicking people out because of it. If not for social media reporting on this incident and making it a “hot topic”, most feel that CBS/Big Brother would not have even brought it up, let alone address it as it has recently. The cynic in me (and a lot of others) tend to feel that the recent spike in ratings and attention due to these latest incidents in the house, are spurring CBS/BB to hope that the situation inside the house gets even worse before they do anything to “tame” what’s happened inside. One wonders, how ethical it is for CBS to allow these same people, as ignorant as they are, to continue spouting their inner thoughts out to the world unaware of the HUGE negative impact it will have on their personal lives once they do exit the Big Brother house. While not a fan of GinaMarie or Aaryn, can you imagine what their lives will be like when they go back to their everyday? CBS may be doing them a favour in the long run…. booting them out sooner than later.. but that wouldn’t boost ratings now would it?

That all being said, it’s must-see TV seeing how real people think and feel when they forget that people are watching. Yes, despite all our forward thinking and getting past things - we’re still screwed up. Yes, we have a black President now, but people are still as ignorant as they always were, at least when they forget the forget that the cameras are still on.

Batman is a BASTARD!

There’s no doubt about it at all, Batman is a total bastard! According to several news organizations, including the New York Post, the most current incarnation of Batman’s sidekick Robin (“aka” Damian Wayne, the 10 year old son of Bruce Wayne “aka” Batman) will die, being killed off in Batman, Incorporated #8..

Why Batman why?

In the current rebooted DC universe (referred to as the DCnU), Damian is the 4th sidekick to Batman in less than 5 years. All have been young teens (and preteens)  fighting alongside adult sociopath Batman against costumed psychos and murderers. While Batman fights against these animals in the dark alleyways of Gotham at night, covered head to toe in a costume that is not only camouflage to the darkness that covers Gotham at night, but almost certainly bulletproof as well - his sidekicks tends to wear skintight costumes that almost glow in the dark and show more skin than drunk college girls. May as paint targets on their costumes.

At least one previous sidekick in Batman’s current continuity has been killed by a villain, sure he came back, but he was dead for a while.

Eventually, Damian Wayne came into Batman’s life. He was the result of a one night stand with the daughter of one of Bat’s greatest enemies. It’s unclear at this point whether she drugged Batman and took advantage of him or if he just forgot rubbers. And Damian was artificially grown (possibly cloned) and trained as an assassin before Batman had any knowledge of him.

And then Batman found out.. he had a son!

At that point, Batman didn’t seem too happy to find out that he had a 10 year old son that he didn’t know about, let alone want. So what does a good dad do?

He gets a new sidekick.

Well, that problem is gone!

Batman is a bastard!

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I finally watched THE ARTIST last night. I expected PRETTY GOOD and ended up with GREAT!

What’s shocking that it only won 5 Academy Awards out of the 10 it was nominated for. It was that good.

It’s not surprising that the ultimate homage to the classic films of yesterday, was essentially a french film. Both of the leads were french, the director/writer was french and produced by someone french. “Outsiders” to a genre or medium, tend to understand what really made something great, in a way that “insiders” never could, because they have that natural contrast.

And they took a chance, to make an “old school” black & white, silent movie, with a simple story about love, as well as about a man’s rise and fall, some of it due to his own arrogance.

Worth seeing, if for no other reason than this dance sequence.


Is it Happy Hour yet?

It’s always HAPPY HOUR for me when MAD MEN is on, I frickin’ LOVE this show.


Is it Happy Hour yet?

It’s always HAPPY HOUR for me when MAD MEN is on, I frickin’ LOVE this show.

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Time to celebrate the “wear’n of the green”, again!


Another celebration of the DC women who are, wear, or wore green!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day indeed!

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Happy St. Patty’s Day You Buncha’ Eunechs!

St. Patrick’s Day in Montreal is awesome, I always look forward to it. It’s the day that everybody reveals what percentage Irish they are for street cred, that tends to disappear as soon as the pubs close that night. Me, I’m Irish on my mother’s side, from my grandmother - don’t ask me to do the bloody math. 

I’m looking forward to lining up for overcrowded, dirty Irish pubs - which we usually avoid. Looking forward to paying $$$ to drink past-due beer that dyed a weak-ass green that’ll make it taste even worse. I look forward to slipping on half-frozen green vomit, from someone who left the pub even before I did.

Oh, St. Patrick - we love you! Yours is the only Holy Day we celebrate by puking our guts out!

Archie Comics & The Civil Rights Movement

Archie Comics have been around forever, and they’ve always been popular - especially with young teenage girls -but they’ve never really been “cool” or with it. As far as I know, African-American characters were only introduced YEARS after the civil rights movement, and even then there were 3. It was easy to make one of Josie & The Pussycats black - besides Josie - who knew the others anyways. They added “token black friend Chuck to Archie, but he only seemed to be around now and then - perhaps when they knew that some college students were writing their thesis that year on Blacks in Comics. Of course, since Chuck was in his late teens - he’d probably be dating someone. Everyone in Riverdale seemed to be dating someone else in the cast. Would he date lily white rich girl Veronica? No. How about peach-skinned girl next door Betty? No again. Both Betty and Veronica were involved with Archie - somehow…

Conveniently, Chuck ended up dating the only other black girl in Riverdale, one who had never been seen in the strip before.

Phewww… that was convenient.

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